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I wanted to remove Windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.10 from my laptop and just create one partition for Ubuntu 14.04, but this seems to be more difficult then I thought it would be.

Installation seems to go perfect, but the first time I boot my PC I get a black rectangle with a small border of a few pixels in an other color (I think the computer is trying to load GRUB). The second time I try to boot GRUB appears. But then I get a screen with an error: An error occurred while mounting /boot. Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery. I have already tried a few things like formatting the whole disk and reinstalling, but this gives the same problem.

grep boot /etc/fstab gives:

/boot was on /dev/sda1 during installation
UUID=8f1dc104-1ba0-4783-9b16-4302e24855ce /boot ext2 defaults 0 2

blkid | grep ext gives:

/dev/sda1: UUID="8f1dc104-1ba0-4783-9b16-4302e24855ce" SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ex4"
/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root: UUID="32787824-e81d-4a6a-92b5-ba7ca2ac6875" TYPE="ext4"

I used the boot repair program which I found here and I still got the same problem. The output of the program is this:

All extra input about in which direction I need to seek is more then welcome!

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