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I have recently installed Narwhal.

Everything seems to look good so far, but as usual sound via PulseAudio is deeply unsatisfactory; scratchy sound from Skype, choppy sound from command line apps, etc. So I've removed it, and sound now works fine.

Unfortunately I now discover that the standard Gnome mixer applet has changed to being PulseAudio-only, and trying to run it just hangs waiting for a PulseAudio connection.

Does anyone know of a replacement volume control applet that I could use which manipulates the ALSA mixer directly?

I've found xfce4-volumed, which handles the hotkeys very nicely (once I disable the keyboard shortcuts in Gnome), but of course the XFCE4 mixer applet isn't compatible with Gnome so I can't use that; and there appears to be nothing else readily apparent...

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Have you tried "alsamixergui - graphical soundcard mixer for ALSA soundcard driver" or "gnome-alsamixer - ALSA sound mixer for GNOME" if you're running GNOME?

P.S. "gamix - Graphical sound mixer for ALSA" that too.

To see everything try sudo apt-cache search alsa mixer :]

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That's a mixer application, and not an applet. I'm looking for something that will sit in my panel and show me the current volume, provide a quick way to get at the mixer, etc. – David Given Jun 17 '11 at 10:32

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