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I ran sudo apt-get install playonlinux and then downloaded warcraft III via the downloader client I've got on I installed it and everything went as normal.

But when I lunched wc3 for the first time I only got a black screen, I heard sound from a video explaining why it was called roc (story). The screen resolution was set to 800*600 after I launched the program, (I had to open nvidia-x-server-settings and set it back to normal (1355*768)).


  • Asus 1201n
  • Warcraft III 1.21b ROC
  • Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit

It works great under windows 7 32-bit


I did as Roland Taylor said and it worked! I went in to the video settings inside wc3 and set it to 1366*768 and then I disabled the "emulate desktop" inside wine. now it works in fullscreen! awesome, thanks!

Now I just hope the same thing works on Frozen throne.

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I cannot give you any sure solution for the video not playing, since this is probably a bug in WINE. You could try running the game using a newer WINE version (I will update my answer a bit later) in PlayOnLinux.

To fix the problem of the game resizing your screen, you need to set WINE (in PlayOnLinux's "bottle") to use a virtual desktop. To do this:

  • Click the "Configure This Application" button.

enter image description here - When the configuration window opens, go to the graphics tab. - Tick "Emulate a virtual desktop" - Click okay to apply the settings

enter image description here

  • Click close all in PlayOnLinux (with the application selected)

enter image description here

  • When you run the game again, it should start in a window :)!
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