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Our home desktop computer (running ubuntu 11.04) is used mainly by two users, my wife and me. We have the screensaver to lock the screen when inactive.

Now, 60% of the times when we switch from one user to the other it seems that all the running applications of one user are closed.

The procedure is like this:

  • The computer is idle with both users logged in.
  • The screen is blank (due to inactivity)
  • I move the mouse to wake the screen.
  • The login window with the user name of my wife appears.
  • I click the "Switch User" button.
  • The main login window appears (with both user names)
  • Both usernames contain a green checkbox (marking that the indicated users are logged in)
  • I click my name and enter my password.
  • The screen blanks for a few seconds and then the login window (with the two usernames) appears again.
  • The green checkbox has been removed from my name.
  • I select my name and enter password, again.
  • Login succeeds but ALL my applications are closed, as if I logged in for the first time.

This is getting very annoying because I constantly lose the state of work. Chrome also complains that it didn't shut down correctly and if I want the restored the closed tabs.

Where do I start looking for a possible fix...?



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Looking at your bug report you have found a workaround for the issue. Do you still have the issue if you don't follow your workaround? Have you upgraded to a later version of Ubuntu that has resolved the problem? I'd like to help you with the problem but I need updated information. –  Mark Rooney Feb 24 '12 at 10:16
Hmmm, I have upgraded to 11.10, and out of habit I still have the same workaround applied (I chose NOT to have the screensaver lock the screen). I will turn it on again and let you know if it still causes an issue for me. –  Stratosgear Feb 24 '12 at 19:15

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That sounds like a nasty bug. You can report it on I would suggest using the package "gdm".

However, in the meantime you might try to switch users directly using alt+ctrl+f-keys. (They'll have different ones, but usually f7, f8, etc.

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I've posted a bug on launchpad ( –  Stratosgear Jun 17 '11 at 16:05

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