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Hey guys I'm new to Ubuntu and decided to give it a try in a new rig I just built. I got it installed on the new machine and then when I plug my Linksys AE1200 USB wireless adapter in to connect to the internet nothing happens. It is Ubuntu 14.04 and I have used the lsusb In The Terminal and It shows that the Adapter is recognized but I can't get it to connect the internet.

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Pleare rewrite to make clear what you're asking, including in the title. And show some more info, look at/ show logs (/var/log/syslog). – Volker Siegel Jul 2 '14 at 23:54

That's because there are no internet drivers for the USB adapter. Try plugging it in to a wired connection then trying to find some installable software for the adapter.

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Please use the search function in the future, this is an answered question here.

Also here is a link to a forum discussion on this very same topic that also has instructions reported to successfully work.

Note this product is not designed to operate with *nix. I hope this helps!

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