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My ISP WiFi is not connecting anymore. Time Warner asked if i could have Ubuntu talk me through uninstall & reinstall.... finding a usa 800 phone number was the first problem. Now i am spending all my time searching for help. The error message I get every time now when wifi is trying to connect is as follows: "Wireless Authentification Required. Passwords or encryption keys are required to access wireless network. (Password is already there in the box) (I click on connect and it tries but never authenticates , thus never connects)

Please if there is anyone out there who can assist I would tremendously appreciate it. I am a user and need very simple instructions. Thank You William Los Angeles

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See… – user68186 Jul 2 '14 at 20:52

sudo service network-manager restart

This should reset the network-manager, thus resetting your WiFi. Hope this helps!

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