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I've been using Devhelp but find that it is too much towards python, and Gnome development. Other documentations (such as php-doc) are left out as of now.

Is there a simple way to add php-doc into devhelp ?

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Devhelp requires documentation in specific format (.devhelp files, presumably generated with gtk-doc), it won't automatically pick documentation from all *-doc packages present on your system.

Edit: PHP documentation is still available in /usr/share/doc/php-doc/html once you install php-doc package. However, probably more robust solution is to download PHP documentation in CHM format and use it with some CHM viewer like ChmSee or xCHM.

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I'll try to port over the php-doc to devhelp. It can't be that difficult, as its already in html which is used by devhelp internally. – Abhay Rana Jun 16 '11 at 17:52
.devhelp (or .devhelp2) files are basically just TOC of symbols and functions, so this shouldn't be so hard. Good luck! – jnv Jun 16 '11 at 18:03

I'm using devhelp through synapse for php-docs.

Some nice guy wrote a script to convert .CHM into .TGZ (devhelp) format and to install the files. So it goes like:

  1. Convert: YOUR_DOC.chm YOUR_DOC.tgz
  2. Install:

    devhelp-install YOUR_DOC.tgz


For the convert script to work you need to install first Python, ctypes, CHMLIB.

Install puts YOUR_BOOK.devhelp and the res-Folder into ~/.local/share/devhelp/books/YOUR_BOOK/.

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I'm not familiar with devhelp, but I'd assume at least the first step would be to install php-doc. It's in the repos, so a quick apt-get install php-doc will get it for you. I'd venture to guess that from there, either devhelp will pick it up automatically, or there's a setting somewhere that allows you to specify the location of the php-doc executable. If not, there might be a plugin, but my quick search in the repos only shows php-doc plugins for kdevelop, so you'll probably have to do a Google search for that (the PHP-doc website might also be helpful).

The other alternative, of course, is to see if there's a PHP-oriented alternative to Devhelp.

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