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Trying to instantiate an LXC image on a compute node, by changing virt-type (string) field, under nova-compute charm to lxc. This, however, does not update the virt_type, in nova-compute.conf file.

Furthermore, by manually updating compute_driver=nova.virt.lxc.LXCDriver, I get the following error log:

Setting virt_type=lxc and compute_driver=libvirt.LibvirtDrive, gives this error log:

As noted, I've installed lxc and nova-compute-lxc. Any thoughts?

Commenting out line 5907 in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/, while virt_type=lxc, gets rid of virConnectBaselineCPU error.

Upon restarting nova-compute, the following log is obtained:

  •, which seems to imply that you are on your own! At any rate, launching an image from Dashboard fails during mounting of container's file system, with the following log:

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You currently can't run nova-compute in LXC, this is a known limitation and we're working to solve that for 14.10/juno.

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