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I am using the latest Desktop Ubuntu Narwhal as a redundant load balancer. This setup also needs keepalived and Crossroads XR.

This works great but now I would like to produce this as an appliance so that it is easy to deploy.

What would be the correct way to approach this requirement?

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I would have a couple of recommendations, the first being on the security side;

  1. Goto and download the security guide for Debian and ensure the system has been hardened according to the guide.

  2. For physical systems, goto to create a customized version of Ubuntu based on your build requirements(development of remastersys stopped).

  3. For virtualization I would create both a VMWare and OVF (Virtualbox).

Hope this helps.

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What is your intention with step 2 for physical systems? Create a bootable live cd of the hardened installation? – Pro Backup Feb 12 '14 at 16:51

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