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Live system based on ubuntu server 12.04.2 with manual installed X and openbox. startx is in a shell script which is called in /etc/rc.local with su -l root -c /scriptsFolder/

A program is opened in openbox autostart config file and it can not connect to a server in LAN.

Once opened a terminal in openbox, the network goes well and the program can connect to the server.

Or, if pinged from other computer, a few seconds later the network goes well.

Really weird problem, could somebody tell me what open a terminal did to make the network goes?

I've already checked bashrc but found nothing of value.

Seems that open a terminal influence only live system

I installed the live system into disk and open a terminal does not get the network goes well anymore, the only way to make the net well is to ping or be pinged.

So I updated the question to "what does open a terminal do in Live System that enables the network".

It's confusing... sorry for my bad English.

Really need help.

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