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I recently installed Xubuntu and I have noticed my new OS making some strange connections. I have made sure to close everything that would have a reason to make any connection like the music player(album art) or the software center or whatever. Alas, when I run the command:

ss -tpras   

It returns:

State      Recv-Q Send-Q      Local Address:Port          Peer Address:Port   
LISTEN     0      5                  system:domain                   *:*       
LISTEN     0      128             localhost:ipp                      *:*       
CLOSE-WAIT 1      0     backoo.canonical.com:http     users:(("gvfsd-http",4740,10))  
CLOSE-WAIT 1      0     backoo.canonical.com:http     users:(("gvfsd-http",4740,14))  
CLOSE-WAIT 1      0     backoo.canonical.com:http     users:(("gvfsd-http",4740,13))  
CLOSE-WAIT 1      0     backoo.canonical.com:http     users:(("gvfsd-http",4740,16))  
CLOSE-WAIT 1      0     backoo.canonical.com:http     users:(("gvfsd-http",4740,15))  
CLOSE-WAIT 1      0     backoo.canonical.com:http     users:(("gvfsd-http",4740,12))  
LISTEN     0      128         ip6-localhost:ipp                     :::*       

I can not seem to figure out why these connections are being made. I find that others are having the same issue, yet I have not found a case where "gvfsd-http" connects to, and leaves an open connection to "backoo.canonical.com". I have found articles like this one:

Strange connections by gvfsd-http --spawner

But it always seems to be connecting to somewhere else. So I am left with the question: Exactly what is this, and why is it even trying to make connections to this server? I'm kind of paranoid person so needless to say I've been watching this connection for some time now. Has anybody else found this happening to them? Can anybody here can shed some light on this? Help is always appreciated, thanks.

ps: Xubuntu 14.04 recent install, everything updated (repo downloads only)

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