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I had a laptop with windows and ubuntu on it on 2 different partitions. Then the laptop stopped working due to issues not related to this question.

I took out the hard drive and put it into an external enclosure to get the data. When I connect it to my other Windows machine, it detects all the other partitions except the Ubuntu one.

What to do? I would love to be able to extract data from Ubuntu.

PS - If recovering data is not possible then can I at least format it to get the space back so I can use the hard disk as an external HDD?

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If you boot from a live USB and use 'Try Ubuntu' you should be able to read the partitions and extract the data to a memory stick.

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To save your data boot your machine with

Ubuntu Live CD (or USB).

To manage with partitions from Ubuntu use Gparted which is also include in Ubuntu as well as in Live CD (or many others linux distributions). You can also boot up with

Gparted Live CD

To delete or resize partitions from Windows you can use

Partition Wizard Mini Tool Home

To just copy your data from Linux partitions under Windows use


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