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I've been running 14.04 for a while now and haven't had any major issues. A couple days ago though, my wireless connection started dying on me. I hadn't changed anything, so I'm not sure where this came from.

The symptoms are always the same, it connects to the wifi just fine after boot, then dies 5-10 minutes into regular usage. Running a constant ping goes from regular responses to "sendmsg: No buffer space available" and then to "sendmsg: Network is unreachable".

I found a few different threads about this and tried a few things, but no change.

I'm using a Realtek USB adapter, but the driver version is much newer than one someone listed as problematic. I also tried setting my wireless router to g-mode only, same issue. I only recently made the switch from the "w" word to Ubuntu, so I'm not sure where else to look. Any ideas?

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I have this problem too. It basically means your output wifi buffer is getting filled up. The temporary solution would be to disconnect and reconnect the wifi to clear the buffer and reestablish the flow of data. The issue is due to buggy wifi driver. This driver compilied from source published in this url seems to give us some more time but eventually even this comes to the same error. Its better than the stock driver though. You have to install compiling tools before you can make use of this driver.

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