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What I would like to do

  • I was trying to take pictures with an old digital camera directly from pc
  • I found about gphoto2 software, I tried but I'm just able to get the pictures that are stored in the camera (My old fujifilm a900 digital camera, and new Canon EOS 600d) I cannot take pictures directly from pc
  • Then I realized that could be better if there is any way to control any Digital Camera creating your own drivers. To manage actions like opening the objective, take a picture, set camera to standby...

I've been reading other questions related with this but couldn't find any interesting information. I know about python and bash script, but I know nothing about drivers so... Could be possible to develop some kind of software/drivers to manage an old Digital Camera ?

I want to connect my old digital camera to my raspberry Pi and try to make a TimeLapse movie

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This question has not received enough attention.

I just need someone to point me in the good direction about "develop" some custom drivers or tell me if this is impossible to achieve

Just to clarify: Your new SLR works, right? It's only the old Fujifilm camera that's having issues with gphoto2? –  Glutanimate yesterday
Ye is the fujifilm the one wich I have the problem –  Liarez yesterday

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Entangle was created to do exactly what you want, so you don't have to develop an entire script by your own.

You can install it by opening your terminal and typing:

sudo apt-get install entangle

Then, open it up either from your Dash or Menu. The default entangle interface will look like below.

enter image description here

If you don’t connect the camera to your Ubuntu, it shows a message "No Camera detected".

enter image description here

Once you connect the camera, you can select it and use use as you want.

enter image description here

And have fun!

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Good answer, +1. However, entangle uses libgphoto as a backend. If OP can't get gphoto2 to perform tethered shooting chances are entangle won't work, either. –  Glutanimate yesterday
I've tried Gphoto2 with the old Fujifilm and I couldn't do nothing. Neither with entangle. Does anyone knows if it is possible ? Take pictures with an old camera via PC? –  Liarez 18 hours ago
@Liarez Your camera might not support the USB protocols used for tethered shooting. If that's the case there isn't anything you can do. Sorry. –  Glutanimate 8 hours ago

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