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What I would like to do

  • I was trying to take pictures with an old digital camera directly from pc
  • I found about gphoto2 software, I tried but I'm just able to get the pictures that are stored in the camera (My old fujifilm a900 digital camera, and new Canon EOS 600d) I cannot take pictures directly from pc
  • Then I realized that could be better if there is any way to control any Digital Camera creating your own drivers. To manage actions like opening the objective, take a picture, set camera to standby...

I've been reading other questions related with this but couldn't find any interesting information. I know about python and bash script, but I know nothing about drivers so... Could be possible to develop some kind of software/drivers to manage an old Digital Camera ?

I want to connect my old digital camera to my raspberry Pi and try to make a TimeLapse movie

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