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I'm essentially wanting to create a desktop shortcut to open a window of Firefox without tabs, locked address bar, no menu, etc.

Similar to what some pop ups look like or what Chromium Desktop Apps look like.

What options can I use to accomplish this from the command line?

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I wasn't quite sure you wanted - so I went on the 'like Chromium Desktop apps' bit. –  Wilf Jun 25 '14 at 16:17
Your answer shows exactly what I am after, thanks. I'll give it a shot in a bit. –  Sajan Parikh Jun 26 '14 at 0:45

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I was looking for something like this for a while, so here is how I made my own Firefox 'app' mode.

  • First run firefox -P (you will need to close any running instances of Firefox first). Create a new profile and call it app. Select the 'Default' one and press 'Start Firefox'.

                                                     Firefox Profile Manager

  • Close Firefox again, and run firefox -P app. This will start Firefox from the new app profile you just created. As removing the tabs and navigation bar is now difficult or impossible in Firefox's settings (menu bar is hidden by default it seems in the latest versions of Firefox), you will need to install some extensions to remove them - these ones work, though may be better ones that hide the bars permanently:

Edit: Both options of hiding the tab+nav bars is also included with Classic Theme Restorer - small icons can also be set for a more compact layout.

  • Now, when you run firefox -P app -new-instance http://URL (e.g. firefox -P app -new-instance http://askubuntu.com/questions/487936/how-do-i-open-fixed-window-in-firefox/487954), you should get a Firefox window like this: Firefox window with only title bar

    Also, when you open Firefox by running firefox or clicking the Firefox button, it should open normally with the tab and nav bars.

Works in Firefox 30.0

I was looking for a solution to create a script so I could run a command and create Firefox apps (so without extensions etc), and the following userChrome.css works well at hiding all the toolbars:

@namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul");
#TabsToolbar { display: none !important; }

I haven't tested it too much yet, thought it will be annoying to use since it hides all the open tabs....

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