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I've written a program that uses Notify-OSD but occasionally messages from my app will stack up in the queue. I've read about Notify-OSD merging However, it doesn't do this automatically - how can I get my application to merge notifications so they don't stream in one at a time?

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You can concatenate related notifications bubbles by setting the hint string x-canonical-append to true.

from gi.repository import Notify

n ='Summary', 'Line 1', 'dialog-information')
n.set_hint_string('x-canonical-append', 'true')

n ='Summary', 'Line 2', 'dialog-information')
n.set_hint_string('x-canonical-append', 'true')

For more details see python example at


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If you are developing in python use the update method of the notification object then the show method:

notification = pynotify.Notification("title", "body", "icon")
notification.update("title2", "body2", "icon2")

If you are developing in C, there is the notify_notification_update() function that does the same thing. Other languages will be similar but the naming may be slightly different.

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