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This is my .tmux.conf

# use UTF8
set -g utf8
set-window-option -g utf8 on

# make tmux display things in 256 colors
set -g default-terminal "screen-256color"

# set scrollback history to 10000 (10k)
set -g history-limit 10000

# set Ctrl-a as the default prefix key combination
# and unbind C-b to free it up
set -g prefix C-a
unbind C-b

# use send-prefix to pass C-a through to application
bind C-a send-prefix

# shorten command delay
set -sg escape-time 1

# set window and pane index to 1 (0 by default)
set-option -g base-index 1
setw -g pane-base-index 1

# reload ~/.tmux.conf using PREFIX r
bind r source-file ~/.tmux.conf \; display "Reloaded!"

# use PREFIX | to split window horizontally and PREFIX - to split vertically
bind | split-window -h
bind - split-window -v

# Make the current window the first window
bind T swap-window -t 1

# map Vi movement keys as pane movement keys
bind h select-pane -L
bind j select-pane -D
bind k select-pane -U
bind l select-pane -R

# and use C-h and C-l to cycle thru panes
bind -r C-h select-window -t :-
bind -r C-l select-window -t :+

# resize panes using PREFIX H, J, K, L
bind H resize-pane -L 5
bind J resize-pane -D 5
bind K resize-pane -U 5
bind L resize-pane -R 5

# C-i for even-vertical arrangement and C-o to zoom current pane
bind-key C-i select-layout even-vertical
bind-key C-v select-layout even-horizontal
bind-key C-o resize-pane -y 1000

# Sync panes
bind C-s set-window-option synchronize-panes

# explicitly disable mouse control
setw -g mode-mouse off
set -g mouse-select-pane off
set -g mouse-resize-pane off
set -g mouse-select-window off

# ---------------------
# Copy & Paste
# ---------------------
# provide access to the clipboard for pbpaste, pbcopy
set-window-option -g automatic-rename on

# use vim keybindings in copy mode
setw -g mode-keys vi

# setup 'v' to begin selection as in Vim
bind-key -t vi-copy v begin-selection
bind-key -t vi-copy y copy-pipe "reattach-to-user-namespace pbcopy"

# update default binding of 'Enter' to also use copy-pipe
unbind -t vi-copy Enter
bind-key -t vi-copy Enter copy-pipe "reattach-to-user-namespace pbcopy"

bind y run 'tmux save-buffer - | reattach-to-user-namespace pbcopy '
bind C-y run 'tmux save-buffer - | reattach-to-user-namespace pbcopy '

# Save entire tmux history to a file - file will be on machine where tmux is
# running
bind-key * command-prompt -p 'save history to filename:' -I '~/tmux.history' 'capture-pane -S -32768 ; save-buffer %1 ; delete-buffer'

# -----------------------
# Multistart panes
# ----------------------
bind-key P run-shell 'tmux-multistart as'
bind-key A run-shell 'tmux-multistart alpha'
bind-key B run-shell 'tmux-multistart beta'
bind-key W run-shell 'tmux-multistart web'
bind-key D run-shell 'tmux-multistart dev'
bind-key T run-shell 'tmux-multistart txhub'

bind-key C command-prompt -p "machine(s)/group: " "run-shell 'tmux-multistart %1'"

# ----------------------
# set some pretty colors
# ----------------------
# set pane colors - hilight the active pane
set-option -g pane-border-fg colour235 #base02
set-option -g pane-active-border-fg colour240 #base01

# colorize messages in the command line
set-option -g message-bg black #base02
set-option -g message-fg brightred #orange

# ----------------------
# Status Bar
# -----------------------
set-option -g status on                # turn the status bar on
set -g status-utf8 on                  # set utf-8 for the status bar
set -g status-interval 5               # set update frequencey (default 15 seconds)
set -g status-justify centre           # center window list for clarity
# set-option -g status-position top    # position the status bar at top of screen

# visual notification of activity in other windows
setw -g monitor-activity on
set -g visual-activity on

# set color for status bar
set-option -g status-bg colour235 #base02
set-option -g status-fg yellow #yellow
set-option -g status-attr dim 

# set window list colors - red for active and cyan for inactive
set-window-option -g window-status-fg brightblue #base0
set-window-option -g window-status-bg colour236 
set-window-option -g window-status-attr dim

set-window-option -g window-status-current-fg brightred #orange
set-window-option -g window-status-current-bg colour236 
set-window-option -g window-status-current-attr bright

# show host name and IP address on left side of status bar
set -g status-left-length 85 
set -g status-left "#[fg=green]: #h : #[fg=brightblue]#(curl icanhazip.com) #[fg=yellow]#(ifconfig en0 | grep 'inet ' | awk '{print \"en0 \" $2}') #(ifconfig en1 | grep 'inet ' | awk '{print \"en1 \" $2}') #(ifconfig en3 | grep 'inet ' | awk '{print \"en3 \" $2}') #[fg=red]#(ifconfig tun0 | grep 'inet ' | awk '{print \"vpn \" $2}') "

# show session name, window & pane number, date and time on right side of
# status bar
set -g status-right-length 60
set -g status-right "#[fg=blue]#S #I:#P #[fg=yellow]: %d %b %Y #[fg=green]: %l:%M %p : #(date -u | awk '{print $4}') :"

But my tmux status bar doesn't show anything

enter image description here

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The file you've provided works for me. Can you try tmux -f FILENAME to make sure you're loading the right file? Or run tmux source-file FILENAME inside of an already-running tmux session? Do either of those work? –  Mike Miller Jun 24 '14 at 18:13
@mtmiller do you mean like this tmux source-file .tmux.conf –  Jitendra Vyas Jun 24 '14 at 19:25
Yes, either tmux -f .tmux.conf or tmux and then tmux source .tmux.conf. –  Mike Miller Jun 24 '14 at 19:44
tmux -f .tmux.conf just refresh the prompt –  Jitendra Vyas Jun 24 '14 at 19:57

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