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I'm trying to install eterm on an instance of Kubuntu.

I sudo apt-get install eterm, and everything seems to go alright, but at the end there's no eterm on my path.

Anyone know where the stuff got hidden so I can link the executable to somewhere on my path.

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My assumption is that if you open a terminal and type eterm, the response indicates that it can't find 'eterm'. Have you gone into the Synaptic Package Manager and determined where 'eterm' was installed? If not installed in a directory currently in your path, you can either add the location to you path, or create a symbolic link in a directory that is in your path. – Kory Wnuk Jun 14 '11 at 21:56

The file to execute is Eterm, as you can see with the command:

dpkg -L eterm | grep bin
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You can try to find the path with find / -name "eterm" and then append the folder to your PATH by adding export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/eterm/folder to your .bashrc.

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