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I've got a 64 Gb usb stick that i want a live ubuntu install on with persistence so i can store my files on it but... her comes the catch

i need the install to work both with pc(64bit) and mac(64bit) with intel processors i can install it so i can boot it from my mac and i can install it so i can install it from my pc but i can't install it so it will boot successful up on both.

is this possible or am i aiming to high here? if its possible can anyone point me towards how to do it?

on advance THANKS

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With a 64 GB stick I highly suggest you do a standard installation. Persistence is "ok" if you wish to make a small number of changes, but does not replace a standard install. Persistence becomes buggy if you install or update a lot of packages and, due to the need to track changes, eventually will take up more space then a standard install. Alternately you can partition the flash drive and simply use a separate partition for data. – bodhi.zazen Jun 23 '14 at 21:45

You could use UNetbootin,

sudo apt-get install unetbootin

The process is easy from there.

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