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I bought an Apple Magic Trackpad. The device is working out of the box on Ubuntu 11.04 64bit.

However, when I tap with 3 - or more - fingers the device stops working. It works again if I disconnect it and then connect it again. I've tried touchegg but it didn't work.

Is there any solution to disable 3 or more fingers for tapping?

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Look at my comment at: askubuntu.com/a/402120/233113 (answered by second comment of original post of this question as well) –  neun24 Jan 8 '14 at 10:48

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On a Mac, 3 fingers simulates clicking and dragging. The trackpad might be sending those signals to Ubuntu, but Ubuntu doesn't know how to interpret them. I'd suggest following this guide to get 3 finger actions working properly (read as "not disabling the trackpad").

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You have probably moved on but for anyone else who arrives here. Try lsusb, to find out what bluetooth dongle you have, people including myself have this issue with the "Cambridge.. " models. See reference here.

I'm trying my second usb dongle now an "Integrated Systems" model and it seems to have even more problems than the Cambridge (Random disconnects/freezes).

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