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I have installed Ubuntu 14.02 LTS alongside Windows Xp. During installation, I was asked only for user name and password. I was not asked for root user and password. So, when I click on root user, I encounter message, "You do not have permission to view the contents of this folder." How can I create root user? Please guide me in this regard.

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How, are you clicking on root user? – Raphael Jun 23 '14 at 4:25
You meant Ubuntu 14.04, right? – mvp Jun 23 '14 at 6:34
What do you mean by "click on root user"? Could you give some more details about your problem? – Charo Jun 25 '14 at 9:01

While installing Ubuntu it asks to create a account its the root user account as well as normal user account, you can use root only from terminal. It is created like that because to prevent users from deleting files in file system accidentally.

To view files in root folder from terminal(ctrl+Alt+T)

cd /

sudo ls root

asks for password, enter the password.


To view files from nautilus, open terminal(ctrl+Alt+T)

sudo nautilus

enter the password, now nautilus opens with root permissions now you can view it from nautilus.

Deleting any files in file system with root permissions will permanently delete the files. Which is a bad news if it is a system file and ubuntu can't boot or cant work properly.

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When I typed cd/ and sudo ls root command at terminal, I received the following message:-

"ls: cannot access root:No such file or directory"

When I typed sudo nautilus, root folder was opened, but no contents was there - I mean it was blank.

Is there anything wrong with my ubuntu?

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