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I downloaded Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bit) lts. I made a bootable usb stick. But I keep receiving this error message upon booting:

SYSLINUX 4.04 EDD 20110518 Copyright (C) 1994-2011 H. Peter Anvin et al
Unknown keyword in configuration file: gfxboot.c32: not a COM32R image
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mention the download link and system details also are you dual booting windows?? – Creator Jun 22 '14 at 6:52
I solved it with following procedure : - Boot - Hit TAB - Type live - Hit enter – Filip Sohajek Jun 22 '14 at 7:20
I had the some problem with attempting to boot 14.10 from live usb, Filip's suggestion worked for me. – itnet7 Oct 25 '14 at 22:04
You could just type live and press enter. Worked for me. – myusuf Jan 8 '15 at 20:28
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As Filip Sohajek mentioned, you need to hit Tab.

Then you will see a set of options (live, live install, etc). Select the one that you like typing its name and pressing Enter.

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Lucio: it's great for me, kubuntu 14.10. – evergreen Nov 15 '14 at 8:04
Works, but WHY??? – Tal Weiss Mar 12 '15 at 9:08
Heh, bug buddy. This was clearly designed by a Unix developer who is careless about UI :) – Lucio Mar 13 '15 at 2:31
thanks :) typing "live" works like charm :) – jamius19 Sep 2 '15 at 8:23

When I attempted to solve this, I got a few different options, but it worked. Following Filip's answer, I pressed TAB and then a few choices popped up (none of which were "live" or anything containing "live" but it did say "Install", so after typing install and hitting enter it gives you choices for screen resolution, and then will proceed to the installation. So, a bit confusing, but it does work!

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This clearly isn't a 'thanks'. I am pointing out that Flip's answer can have other possible outcomes, of which others may be confused by, and begin a new topic on. So, instead, I am pointing this out on the original question. – ElScorcho Dec 3 '14 at 19:57
@guntbert I'm inclined to call this at least a partial answer, since it points out a major error in another answer (no "live" option) and provides a semi-workaround. – Seth Dec 4 '14 at 5:19

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