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I have serious issues since I installed 14.04 on my machine.My graphics card is Nvidia geforce GTX 680. I have double Xeon processors machine. On previous Ubuntu 12.04 it worked nicely.

I've tried almost all versions of nvidia drivers avilable (from Nvidia website and open sources xorg-edgers/ppa) since a week and still no success. All I can get is black screen and no even chance to switch to terminal. The only possible use of Ubuntu is to use default nouveau drivers. It can't detect my screen - when I press xrandr to add new mode it says : can't open display :0.0 When i press xdiagnose it says : could not open X display.

Any workarounds anybody ?

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I am having the same issue with a 8800GTS 320 card. I had no issues until recently. There must be some update that broke something, but I have found no work around presently. Wasted three days so far trying to find a solution. – cprofitt Jun 21 '14 at 19:55

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