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I have a very tall image (880x9445 pixels) which I would like to print (specifically, to PDF).

But when I print the image it always comes out as one page; there does not seem to be any way to scale its width to a page and thus end up with multiple pages.

I tried using the image viewer and GIMP, is there anything else that will give me this option?

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You can use PosteRazor.

  1. Start the Software Center.
  2. Search for PosteRazor
  3. Install it.

Screenshot of PosteRazor

PosteRazor allows to import an image and then takes you through a wizard that allows to cut it in pieces, depending on the type of paper you will be printing on.

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Made for Ubuntu 6.06 still working perfectly in 2016. – Pedro Dusso Apr 4 at 18:22
This is also packaged in Debian. – Wayne Conrad May 10 at 22:54

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