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I've installed Xubuntu after Ubuntu, running in dualboot. So Xubuntu controls the grub. Every time I update kernel on ubuntu - will ubuntu load the latest version of a kernel? (I mean the grub is not updated, it may be updated by Xubuntu. And I don't want to write the grub to MBR from Ubuntu)

I can't find information which is latest kernel version for trusty, but mine is 3.13.0-24-generic

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Depends on your Xubuntu grub menu. Most times it is fixed to a kernel version it reads from Ubuntu's grub menu and you need to run sudo update-grub in Xubuntu to find the new entry in Ubuntu. – oldfred Jun 19 '14 at 19:59

You can check it at


Or you can add linus torvalds to your google plus: +LinusTorvalds

directly from git:

at google+ he occasionally cries, gets angry and falls on their updates

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uname -a

check your kernel version form the above command and go to see what the latest.

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Well, I solved my trouble. Here you can check latest version of kernel for Ubutnu

I've checked it, and installed package linux-generic-lts-trusty. Then rebooted, then entered uname -r in termianl - the version was the same. The problem wasn't solved. So I've installed Grub-customizer and wrote grub to MBR. The another reboot and now I have the latest kernel.

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To check what kernel version you are running; $ uname -r

As your grub controlled by Xubuntu, you should update the grub by typing; $ sudo update-grub

!!! - make sure to run this command on Xubuntu as it is the one who control the grub -!!!

Also note, when you do $ sudo update-grub it will automatically detect present kernel versions on both partitions and update the grub accordingly.

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There are two ways to do this


first of all know your current version by typing following command in terminal

uname -r

then check on this link to know that your running system is the latest one available in market

2. You can also if you are not running a LTS version you will be prompted that a new version is available.

If both methods do not satisfy you read this How do I upgrade to a newer version of Ubuntu?

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