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  1. I made a shell script(bash), It's named

  2. Then I made also Desktop launcher in, ~/.local/share/applications/my.desktop

I thought 1) and 2) were the same. But they do not behave in the same manner: The two command receive different Environment variables. The process from "" has a "http_proxy" variable.

The process form my.desktop doesn't have a http_proxy variable.

I want to have the two commands use the same environment variables.

If have tried using the setting for my.desktop terminal=true, which causes that program to act the same as, but also causes a terminal to pop up, which I do not want.

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It would help to know what you are trying to do with the script – Charles Green Jun 19 '14 at 16:12

Simply change the Exec line in your .desktop file to run the script.

If this doesn't help add a line at the beginning of the script with cd folder-containing-the-script. Some scripts need this.

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