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Icons sometimes disappear from the Panel notification area when Ubuntu 14.04 starts up. Not the same icon disappears every time, and only one icon disappears at a time. This happens infrequently, and I have also seen it happen on older versions of Ubuntu. The next time I start up Ubuntu, all of the Panel icons are back in the notification area of the Panel where they should be.

Here are some examples of icons that have disappeared from the Panel notification area at startup.

  • battery indicator
  • network indicator
  • Thunderbird Mail
  • sound
  • clock
  • gear icon for accessing functions such as Lock/Log Out/Suspend/Restart/Shut Down, etc. from a popup menu

All of these icons have disappeared from the Panel at least once, however the indicator icon for Psensor temperature monitor application which usually takes about one minute after startup to appear on the Panel notification area has never disappeared from the Panel at startup.

How can I make a missing Panel icon reappear without rebooting the operating system? I would prefer a general solution that works for any of the missing icons in the list.

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You could try by reinstalling Ubuntu desktop: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop – Tim Jun 18 '14 at 12:30
Check its log for errors ~/.cache/upstart/unity-panel-service.log , previous logs are compressed in same folder. – Sneetsher Jun 20 '14 at 6:53
@Sneetsher I checked those logs and found some messages that said something like: (unity-panel-service:xxxx): Indicator-Appmenu-WARNING **: Already have a menu for window ID xxxxxxxx with path /com/canonical/menu/XXXXXXX from, unregistering that one where the Xs are numbers, not the same numbers every time. I checked all of the log archives and I found a message like that in every one of them. There are also some non-default icons in my Panel's notification area that I sometimes open/close/reopen. – karel Jun 20 '14 at 7:39
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It happens to me to from time to time. I don't know the cause.

To make the missing panel indicators reappear without rebooting you can restart the indicators manually by running the following command in a terminal or with Alt+F2

restart unity-panel-service  

The panel indicators will blink off for a second, and then all of the panel indicators will restart and immediately reappear.

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