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I tried installing ubuntu 13.10. After downloading I could select which ui top use, kubuntu or ubuntu. After updating and downloading proprietary graphic driver for ati card, my ubuntu is busted. When I boot up the kubuntu pulsing screen comes up, but then I get goes directly into ubuntu with no password or anything. I also noticed that the changes I made in ubuntu did not stick, there's no mouse, and no gears in the top right of the global bar. I would prefer to go with ubuntu and get rid of kubuntu, but kubuntu was the last stable thing I used. Home directory is partitioned separately, but honestly don't mind if I lose files if I absolutely have to. I can access the tty command prompt and use other stuff through keyboard but that's it. I have a kubuntu live usb still but I can't figure out how to get my pc to see it or use it for boot.

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