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I am trying to use the perl language in postgresql, thus I need to install plperl. I am running all of my queries in pgadmin III. When I first tried create extension plperl; I get the following Error: could not open extension control file "/usr/share/postgresql/9.2/extension/plperl.control": No such file or directory. SQL state: 58P01

So I tried to install plperl by using the following command in my terminal: sudo apt-get install postgresql-plperl-9.2 which created a plperl.control file in the folder ~/9.2/extension/. I ran the create extension again but still received the same error.

I then did a clean uninstall of postgresql and pgadmin III and did a fresh install, but still receive the same error. I am out of ideas on what else I can do. Any ideas?

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Not exactly an answer, but why don't you install libdbd-pg-perl? Accessing a Postgres database directly from Perl is not difficult. –  Jos Jun 17 '14 at 17:36
I want to continue using pgadmin to write my queries. I need to access some perl codes because I am trying to use some functions written in perl language by one of my supervisor. –  samuraiexe Jun 17 '14 at 19:37
Example 38-1 from the PostgreSQL 9.2 online manual demonstrates how to manually install PL/Perl. –  hmayag Jun 17 '14 at 22:16

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