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I have a Hp Pavillion Laptop with Windows 8.1 SL installed .I want to install Ubuntu in my Laptop with dual boot. I have downloaded the Latest Ubuntu iso.

Please help in getting the step to install ubuntu in windows 8.1 as dual boot.

The Configurations are Processor: Intel Core i3 3rd Gen HDD: 500GB-(Partitions-C,D,E,F; C Drive contains Windows ,D and E are Free and F is the rocovery drive.) RAm:4 GB Graphics:2GB

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First try to burn the iso to a DVD or pendrive and start your installation. If you get ant error, we are here to help. Posting the whole process might be a little tiring for most of us. Sorry. – Raphael Jun 17 '14 at 9:06

Windows 8 will be installed with UEFI Mode. To boot from linux, you need to change it to legacy mode in BIOS.

To get BIOS Settings:

Windows+c -> Click on settings -> Change PC Settings -> General -> Advanced Startup -> Restart Now -> Troubleshoot -> UEFI Firmware settings -> Restart

If u want to boot to windows u need to boot from UEFI mode, boot from legacy mode for linux.

Hope it helps.

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