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How do I stop windows from maximizing when dragging them into a corner? I'm guessing this is a compiz feature but I'm not finding it in ccsm. I've turned off unity so it shouldn't be that. I'm running Natty.

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possible duplicate of How to keep programs from launching maximized? – Takkat Jun 12 '11 at 15:18
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To change the windows behaviour you need to install and run Compiz Config Settings Manager ccsm Install ccsm.

Warning: ccsm can lead to unwanted effects that may be hard to overcome and may leave you without a desktop (see also this question for more background information).

Choose Grid from Window Management:

enter image description here

and adapt the window's grid behaviour to your needs:

enter image description here

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It's the grid plugin in ccsm, deactivating it removes this feature. Or there are options to make it not maximise when dragging to the top but it will still fill one side of the screen when you drag it to that side.

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Just disabling the grid in the Compiz manager did not solve this for me.

I also had to use gconf-editor to uncheck: / -> desktop -> cinnamon -> windows -> edge_tiling.

After that, windows were no longer snapping to fullscreen.

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