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Hello to everyone reading.

Since upgrading a box from maverick to natty yesterday I get an incomprehensible problem with the pointer when choosing either gnome or unity as DM/WM.

Namely the pointer freezes up after a few seconds after login.

After a bit of debug I was able to pinpoint the problem down to the gnome-settings-daemon process. Basically, killing it restores mouse functionality.

Btw by mouse I mean touchpad, the synaptics touchpad embedded in the laptop, which reports to be active all the while through inquiries by synclient.

I tried to disable any assistive feature, such as the pointer locator, or any other touchpad-disabling setting among those sported in the settings of gnome, to no avail.

The graphic card is an Intel, and both ~/.xsession-errors or dmesg do not appear to offer obvious references to such bizarre behaviour.

As you can probably infer from what I've written, no problem appears when the graphical session employs other WMs, such as fluxbox for instance.

Thank you for any insights you might send my way.

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I have exactly the same problem since I updated my desktopp to Natty. Instead to kill gnome-setting-daemon, I just unplug and plug again the mouse to make it work again. Anyway, I opened a question about that on launchpad:

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It is a simple workaround indeed. Unfortunately you may imagine the difficulties involved in unplugging a laptop's touchpad ;) – Fulvio Scapin Jun 24 '11 at 8:45

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