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I need to convert a lot of CR2 photos to either JPG or PNG, no editing. How to do this?

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you can convert .cr2 to .jpeg by ufraw.

sudo apt-get install ufraw

Right click on the file and select open with ufraw.

** You can also import them to Gimp with gimp-ufraw and then export as .png or .jpeg.

sudo apt-get install gimp-ufraw
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I'll go a different route... Use ufraw-batch not ufraw.

sudo apt-get install ufraw-batch

## This will output (not replace) the file with a new extension.
## foo.CR2 exported to foo.png
ufraw-batch --out-type png *.CR2

See ufraw-batch --help and man ufraw-batch for more info.

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Try nconvert

As command line tool OR xnconvert as GUI tool

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Please explain how to use xnconvert. – NGRhodes Jun 14 '14 at 22:10

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