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At moment I use the single video command of:

avconv -i File_name1.mkv -codec copy File_name1.mp4

To change format but I need a method to do this for over 400 videos what would the batch command be?

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You should be able to use something like for i in *.mkv; avconv -i $i -codec copy "$i.mp4"; done but I can't test it right now. – Seth Jun 14 '14 at 20:48
for f in *.mkv; do avconv -i "$f" -codec copy "${f%.mkv}.mp4"; done
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Try winFF which is the gui for FFmgeg to batch convert audit & video files either from software center or;

sudo apt-get install winff
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I have installed WinFF but it does not like my system for some reason – The Werewolf of London town Jun 14 '14 at 21:52

You can use mencoder. Install with:

sudo apt install mencoder


for f in *.mkv; do mencoder "$f" -o "$f".mp4 -ovc lavc -oac lavc;done

The default output formats without any options are MPEG-4 for video and MP2 for audio.
Refer to man mencoder for more help.

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Another one through find command,

find /path -name '*.mkv' -exec bash -c 'avconv -i "$1" -codec copy "${1%.mkv}.mp4"' _ {} \;
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Great, thank you! – Francesco Apr 22 '15 at 7:33

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