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Ubuntu display goes blank after the initial bootup and load of the OS on the Windows 7 64bit HP Pavilion Entertainment PC. the installation proceeded without error, but during the boot I get an error (goes by really fast and hard to see) and then it gives me the desktop background screen, the music, (no icons) refreshes the video and goes blank. No mouse, no nothing. It looks as if it's loading an incompatible video driver, but not sure how to check or correct this.

When I boot up into cmd line mode, it works fine, loads and gives me the opportunity to log in, so the OS is intact.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

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Since you have said that you are trying to install Ubuntu on an Entertainment PC, I think it is safe to assume that you have a high-end Graphics card.
Post-installation, you must have tried installing restricted drivers for your hardware, thereby screwing up the drivers. So all you should need to do is revert back to vesa and you must all set.

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