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I have playonlinux and a windows compatibility layer... I tried to install GTA 4 and after the download the icon said I didn't install anything. I made a launcher and it said the same thing. Im technologically impaired, so I didn't notice anything wrong while installing. My brother said something about .exe files, but I don't know what do with the knowledge that executable files may/may not relate to the lack of compatibility.

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According to WineHQ, GTA 4 is rated "Garbage" meaning the program does not work with Wine.

GTA 4 will install, but WILL NOT run it says, due to being a "Games for Windows Live" game.

Also, If you happen to be using a non-retail version, they tend to not work either.

WineHQ GTA 4

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You can get GTA 4 to work with WINE. First you will need to update GTA 4, and then install several patches. For further information see

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