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I created a master/template in Impress by selecting:

  1. Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Colors to select colors for creating a new gradient
  2. Format > Area : Gradients to create the gradient using the selected colors
  3. View > Master > Slide Master in order to edit the slide master
  4. Format > Page to set the page background to that gradient
  5. Finally saved the file as template in /.libreoffice/3/user/template

I then opened an existing presentation and selected:

  1. Format > Slide Design : Load and added my template
  2. Task pane: Master Pages ... right-clicked on my template to select Apply To All Slides

The template gets applied somehow, but fonts and font colors are not applied to the existing slides.

How does this work please? Or, is there a bug filed for this somewhere? Cheers!

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Replacing the template-based formatting should work, i've tried it with LibreOffice 3.4.3. Without any direct formatting (using the text formatting toolbar or right-click and select any of the formatting options), the new template is applied globally. But if there's any direct formatting, the new template's formatting rules won't affect that content.

If the new template isn't applied to some slides, you should check if there's any direct formatting defined for those slides, and remove it using Menu Format -> Default Formatting.

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