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My config is the following: - Ubuntu 14.04 - An ASUS laptop - An additional LCD screen connected through VGA

I control my additional LCD screen's brightness with dedicated controls located directly on the screen, so that's not a problem.

For my laptop screen, I can use the shortcuts on my keyboard, and I also install the brightness indicator to control this with my mouse.

My problem is the following:

  • set laptop brightness to the minimum using either keyboard shortcuts or brightness indicator
  • lock the computer using Ctrl+Alt+L
  • go for lunch :)
  • wake up the computer and unlock it → the laptop screen brightness is high and needs to be re-adjusted

Could it be possible to fix the brightness to a given value all the time?

Under "brightness and lock" in the system settings, I unchecked "Dim screen to save power" in order to avoid automatic changes in the screen brightness, but it doesn't help.

I also tried to directly echo a value in /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight as seen in other topics, but even in sudo it says I don't have the permissions to do that...

Thanks in advance for your help!

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