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Trying to figure out the best way for openstack and MAAS networks to co-exist.

Assuming MAAS used for provisioning of various openstack nodes, once openstack, with quantum, is deployed should be used as management network, external network, both or discarded? Reason for the question being that I ran a deployment where openstack used as its management network, MAAS DHCP and DNS were active; however, I could only access VMs through namespace and was not able to utilize MAAS's DHCP to assign floating IP.

(VMs network was through an internal bridge, and external bridge was using the same interface as MAAS.) Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.

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You can use for both the management network and the external network; in your MAAS configuration, allocate a subset of the IP range for physical server provisioning, and then once OpenStack is deployed, you can configure Neutron to use a different subset of the IP range - Neutron will manage this as a separate pool so there is no dependency on floating IP's being allocated by MAAS DHCP.

Make sure that you have two network interfaces cables to on the server running the quantum-gateway charm and use 'eth2' as the ext-port configuration.

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Enlightening. Will give it a try. Clarification on the last paragraph, would be appreciated. I take it that the 2 interfaces are meant for MAAS and Quantum subnets. Two questions then: 1- Where should gw be created, i.e., on MAAS server or Quantum node and 2-,I am wondering if I could use a single physical nic, e.g. eth0, then use eth0 for MAAS and use eth0:0 virtual for Quantum? (My network connections are not through a router or switch) – Nastooh Jun 12 '14 at 15:37

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