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Can I make Tilda (or any window for that matter) close on lose focus?

I like Tilda better than Guake but I like the close on lose focus of Guake setting.

Is there a Compiz setting I've forgotten about?

Or something else?

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Anyone have a work-around to make windows close on lose focus? With or without compiz... – winchendonsprings Jun 16 '11 at 17:58
Today I did a google search for how to close tilda on lose focus. This came up and I read it. I then saw my name in the comment above this. I said woah! Then I saw my name as the creator of this question. Jesus, I have a bad memory. – winchendonsprings Feb 5 '12 at 2:58

There's no such setting in Tilda, AFAIK. You could hack similar behaviour using Compiz Widget Layer by specifying terminal window as "Widget Window". Or you could check for another alternatives. For example Stjerm supports "autohide" and is very lightweight. Two cons here:

  1. Unlike Tilda, there's no configuration window, you have to specify all options through command-line or .Xdefaults file
  2. Ubuntu package is very old, so you better download and compile stjerm yourself
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