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I am using Nomachine's NXServer. Installed with these packages:


The server machine is Ubuntu 11.04, the client machines are windows XP laptop and windows vista desktop.

Initially everything starts/works fine, but at some point a few hours afterwards an nxnode process stays at 100% CPU.
If I manually kill that PID, then an nxclient process comes up at 100%CPU (Which btw, I don't know why it would be needing to run in the first place... but I do know it's a dependency for the server, so... anyways)
If I manually kill that PID as well, then everything goes back to normal.

I have waited several hours after that and I still don't see either of those two eating 100%.

Do note that, killing the above two processes did NOT cause any trouble with my NXclient connection.

After a reboot of that machine though, it starts anew.

Google fails to give relevant results/solution to the issue unfortunately. (it doesn't like the % sign)

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Any ideas on how it may be fixed or pointers to any relevant posts regarding this would be appreciated.

P.S. Consider this post as Round 3 of this post :D

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