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I am a very new Ubuntu 12.04 user and would like to install Skype. It used to be available from Ubuntu Software Centre but it is no longer available from there. So I downloaded it and installed same. The Ubuntu SC Installed section does not list it But Ubuntu Tweak does. Skype works for sound only but no webcam = Logitec QuickCam Express 046d:0928. Could you please help to make it work. According what I read it should work out of the box BUT it does not. Your advise/help by email to would be most appreciated. Kindest regards Bela Yorke

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This question is only an hour old, but you're asking about Ubuntu 12.04?

By not running the latest version of Ubuntu, you're going to be missing out on a lot of drivers. Grab the most recent version or use "sudo do-release-upgrade" at a command line prompt.

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