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I recently tried to install Ubuntu 14 Lts alongside Windows XP pro on my 2005 dell dimension E510. Everything appeared to be working correctly until I tried to log in, at which point it froze with a blank color background, which would flicker to black every other time I hit a key or clicked the mouse. I then tried booting in graphical safe mode at which point it told me that it could not configure the graphics settings. Does any body know what's going on. Thank you for any suggestions.

I'm updating this because I managed to get it to load up and work[I have no idea how], that's the good news, the bad news is the display is still screwed up; with the top menu appearing to be over large in the horizontal and the entire display appearing to be shifted downward with a black gap at the top.

update 06/09/14 8:46 pm It appears to only want to load if I boot from the recovery menu.

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