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My notebook (ASUS A40J Series) comes with hybrid graphics: nVIDIA GF310M and Intel.

I can't use the nVIDIA card in my machine and am using Ubuntu 10.04.

How can I get this work?

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possible duplicate of Laptop with Nvidia Optimus – Lekensteyn Jun 10 '11 at 12:44

Have a look at acpi_call and bumblebee in this website:
Also, please provide your DSDT info as explained in this website:


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Try looking at my setup for a Dell XPS17 L702x. It should work for you acer. Look here... enter link description here.

If it works please let me know.

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Try disabling optimus from BIOS if bumblebee doesn´t work. I solved that way, and installed nvidia-current from x-swat updates repository, because regular repo driver crashed when it was installed.

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