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I am suffering from a xorg/Intel bug (specifically S-Video related: This cropped up when I upgraded from Maverick to Natty.

Is it possible and safe to install the old (Maverick) version of xserver-xorg-video-intel while keeping everything else? If so, how? (Preferably using a package rather than having to download and compile anything.) If it doesn't work, how do I revert?

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I chatted to a colleague who gave me this answer. It is possible, but not advisable.

To install an alternate package:

  • Open Synaptic Package Manager
  • From the menu select Settings | Repositories
  • Add the alternate source (in my case the maverick repo)
  • You should be prompted to reload sources, if not hit the Reload button
  • Find and select the package to downgrade
  • From the menu select Package | Force version...
  • Pick the older version
  • You will be warned that this may cause dependency errors
  • If you're feeling brave, go ahead

Reverting would involve undoing this process. In my case this involves dealing with a broken video driver, and that sounds like a nightmare, so I'll just wait for the bug to be fixed.

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