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I decided to try out Ubuntu One for the first time. I added my computer via System -> Preferences -> Ubuntu One, and then I right-clicked on a folder and clicked "Synchronize on Ubuntu One". There was no immediate feedback that anything had happened, but now the folder's only sub-folder has some kind of Ubuntu One emblem on it:


What does this mean?

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Take a look at the Ubuntu Wiki. Essentially this one means the file or folder is not synchronised. There are another two emblems for synchronised and synchronising.

Ubuntu One Not synchronized Ubuntu One Synchronizing Ubuntu One Synchronized

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This particular Ubuntu One emblem means 'unsynchronised'. You can get a pretty good idea of what emblems mean by right clicking a file/folder, clicking properties and selecting the 'Emblems' tab:


As you can see there are other Ubuntu One emblems meaning 'updating' and 'synchronised'.

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