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Take GIT GUI apps for Linux(Example) ,compare them to Mac/Windows apps here You would probably feel the difference.Why is this ,Linux , in spite of being powerful , free , open source hasn't been able to attract good applications for itself.Google Drive application hasn't yet been released for Linux.Why is Linux ignored?The software centre looks like it has apps from the early 2000.

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Please clarify what exactly it is you feel as being "ugly". From the examples shown in your link it appears to be different themes only. These can easily be installed in Ubuntu. –  Takkat Jun 7 at 14:15
"ugly" is subjective. –  Rinzwind Jun 7 at 18:01
Oh and what have you contributed to Linux to improve what you believe is a problem? Or do you sit back and wait for others to do something? –  Rinzwind Jun 7 at 18:04
Ugly isn't subjective.Just compare the ubuntu software centre with os x's appstore.You will observe the difference.There are lesser apps for Linux , this is a fact not an Opinion.We are still missing Google Drive App , this is a fact , not an opinion.I agree Linux has edge over so many other features , but Beatifully Designed software isn't just one of them.I don't see this as an opinion ,but fact.Check out his link(git-scm.com/downloads/guis) .As soon as you select your OS(Linux) , observe the ugly choices you are left with.This isn't an opinion , you are just ignoring the facts. –  yask Jun 8 at 6:27
There is no official GitHub app for linux.Is this question subjective? –  yask Jun 8 at 6:32

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It's getting better over time. For example elementaryOS team (http://elementaryos.org/) is working hard to deliver OS and apps that are easy to use and beautiful.

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This is a better answer.He at least acknowledges the fact instead of calling this question subjective. –  yask Jun 8 at 6:41

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