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So I've messed up my install completely via ignorance. I'd had windows 8 Pro and ubuntu 14, which I installed using unetbootin and a USB, running on partitions on my hard drive, then realised I don't use ubuntu 14 anymore. I deleted the partition it was on, and re-formatted it as an exFAT partition. Now, whenever I turn on my computer, a command line interface appears saying:

error: unknown filesystem
Entering rescue mode...
grub rescue>

I have attempted to use a windows install disk, and a windows install USB, however both of these attempts failed and I was sent straight back to the command line screen. A common suggestion I saw on the internet was to do:

ls hd0

And find the windows install from there. However, I have tried this on all 5 of the displayed partitions, and they all come up with the same error:

error: unknown filesystem.

How on earth do I fix this?

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Boot with windows install disk in place. When BIOS loads press SPACE key. On comming screen read it carefully that will tell you to press F8 key for more options. Now you will get the options for repair boot. Repair the boot by following on screen instructions. –  The Dentist Jun 6 '14 at 19:30

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