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I have an Ubuntu natty 64bits installed (server edition with ubuntu-desktop installed to have gnome-desktop there (with no suggested packages) on a server using a Tyan S7025 board with an ntegrated VGA ASPEED ast2050.

The VGA works with a correct resolution, but it's very (really) slow. I've searched for the xserver-xorg-video-ast module, but it doesn't exists in the repositories. XORG logs complains about the lack of the ast module to be loaded.

Do you have this vga working somehow?

Thanks a lot.

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I had the same problem as you, although the card model is different. In the end, I downloaded the driver from ftp://x.org/pub/individual/driver/xf86-video-ast-0.91.10.tar.gz and built the driver from source. FYI, I had to install the xserver-xorg-dev package before I could build it successfully.

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Driver & Tools

Download and Install (run auto-update.sh )

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