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I'm trying to gzip my js files which in js folder.

gzip -cr js

I'm using this command on Terminal but this is result:

8�H�Q�YUG�`]{_��a"G9xj�C�!��Y �c�S�ؙ�SY�}���-mU�����w��@f�x��
                                                                         Q)���k������;�Nߪ�7�x�z�[�Y1E ��
�b�ŹV���ز�7�W���k���!�Z���奩�Vi�HC��r�R��Nj�Q�k�SV[XnL=(v٧p'Ҽ�o�E�P)���vkﱮX|-�t�ii��b!�vF�~F��� �|X���*b
   Ӧc�5�-0Um���Qݫ�B���B�.5 ��U0��?N��1�TOC����-�����#�[j�Je9���J�nv��J���r�us����ϸ����~����Ğ�c_'��q�=��J���^    >���d���F������KRV綶�yꮖ�8��O�׶=Qz@���NqI{Ḧ������7yM=
y�N�e��.'K�|�ZJ��1�ᬇL�  ��s
.�KyDi���࿒���k�G�LZ��rsR�ϫ�)e�Nj����Id�64����_�R8U�2�'���^��;�  �<Y����ͨm�+���K�]R��ǝ'��p[_I ��t��E���-Z�ٙAQ3��@넁�-�m'�+�b����G���~���
        ����q]��V��<�!Kd݅��e� ��*|%���

What do you think, what's the problem ? MAybe UTF8 encoding?

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The -c switch tells gzip to write the compressed files to stdout. So this funny characters you see are just the compressed content of your files.

Use gzip -r js instead.

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Thank you. Can you explain me what's the meaning of stdout ? – Eray Jun 8 '11 at 16:59
stdout is the standard output, the output of a command (simplified). stdin in the standard input: data that is typed in the terminal or piped through another program (in cmd | app, the stdout of cmd goes in the stdin of app) – Lekensteyn Jun 8 '11 at 17:04

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